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 Technological Literacy

We invite you to explore our online resources of interactive training courses that can help you learn office productivity software such as Microsoft Word®, Power Point®, Excel®, Access®, and Frontpage®. This includes Email practice skills and software references for learning a new language. Some of these resources contain short, animated courses that can help you learn productivity computer programs. Moreover, some of the featured online animated modules or practice sessions are free! You can complete each course at your own pace in the convenience of your home or office!

Computer & Internet Basics

Computer Basics Tutorial
For new computer users, this tutorial provides a basic understanding of hardware, software, and computer maintenance.  It gives an overview of computer parts and peripherals such as scanners and printers.  Topics include data storage, licensing basics, installing software, file maintenance, and cleaning your computer.  An interactive mouse tutorial is included.

Learn the Net
Learn the Net is a website dedicated to helping you master this amazing medium.  Providing tutorials to maximize your efforts on the world wide web.

How Email Works- Animated Tutorial

PC & Apple Applications:  Animated Tutorials

Exhaustive Animated Tutorials for PC and Mac Applications: Microsoft® Office, Adobe®, etc.
This site contains an exhaustive database of animated tutorials for PC and Mac applications.
Microsoft® Word, Adobe Dreamweaver® Animated Tutorials
Now you can use Microsoft® Word and Adobe Dreamweaver®* tutorials for free. These original and exclusive lessons are proven to help you learn fast.

Visual and Audio Animated Tutorials .com/en-us/training/default.aspx
This site includes interactive training courses that can help you learn new features and best practices for using Microsoft® Office System products. An extensive catalog can help you find training on just the features you want to learn about, or you can follow a series of lessons. Short, animated courses include practice sessions and self-assessment quizzes that can help you retain the information. A Quick Reference Card provided with each course also helps you remember what you've learned as you go.
An educational technology company dedicated to providing school districts with free, online training at their convenience. Their tutorials will always remain free. You can watch their tutorial videos from any computer connected to the Internet that has the appropriate free plug-in installed (QuickTime or Flash). They provide a library of online training videos for multiple software applications.
This site requires QuickTime software. If you don't have it, get the free download here:

Visual Only Animated Tutorials
University of Wisconsin-Stout

This site contains visual and printable tutorials on how to use Microsoft Word.
Internet 4 Classrooms
This site, in conjunction with Loyola University, provides on-line practice modules, daily dose of the web, grade level help, assessment assistance, and links for K-12 teachers to help understanding of Microsoft applications and other classroom technology applications.




   English Language Learners

ESL KidStuff
ESL & EFL Children’s resources for English teachers and parents.  This site contains over 1,500 flashcard images, hundreds of worksheets, crafts, games, jobs, and lots more.

ESL Kids Lab
This site offers:  Printable ESL Worksheets, games for the ESL classroom, EFL videos, PPT Lessons Videos, Interactive Kids Vocabulary & Grammar Quizzes, Powerpoint downloads for English teaching and learning.

This site provides online English Activities to enhance your vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills suitable for all learners and especially for ESL, EFL & Kids.




  Reading K-8

Click here: Capstone Interactive Library for access to 206 Capstone Library books to read at home. You can click on advanced search and search by lexile or guided reading level. Read, read, read.

Get Ready to Read


Preschool students can complete online games to learn about the alphabet and how to rhyme.


Pearson Success


Prentice Hall and Scott Foresman are imprints of Pearson. Our reading series welcomes you to Pearson SuccessNet, a powerful web application delivering online curriculum for teachers and students.
User name:  cpsreading
Password:  scottforesman

Children can re-read and be read to in this interactive web site.  Choose your child’s grade level to listen to stories, decodable readers, or leveled books.  Remember, re-reading a story is great fluency practice!  There are fiction and non-fiction readings to listen to and interactive technology pages for internet applications.

 Reading A-Z


A complete reading program with affordable books, lesson plans, worksheets and assessments to teach guided reading, phonics, phonemic awareness, alphabet, etc.  Again check with your child’s teacher for your child’s independent reading level!


 Sites for Teachers & Parents

Sites for Teachers & Parents! 
READING A-Z for 30 Free Downloadable, Printable Books The Online Reading Program. Download, print and assemble hundreds of books to help children learn to read.  Check with your teacher for your child’s independent reading level!


Vocabulary A-Z - Vocabulary Lists, Vocabulary Lesson Plans ... You can now access glossary terms for Reading A-Z leveled readers on Vocabulary A-Z. Simply select under "Learning A-Z Connections."


Raz Kids




Interactive ebooks for children
Talking Books More than 130 fun and motivating leveled reading books to read or listen to online. Free samples at:

This site contains a variety of  interactive reading materials and games. There are a wide range of stories including alphabet stories, fables and plays. It is a wonderful way to encourage your child to read from a variety of genres! Also, you can download free materials from the site


   Primary Grades

BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that supports educators and engages students. 

Ideal for both group and one-on-one settings, BrainPOP is used in numerous ways, from introducing a new lesson or topic to illustrating complex subject matter to reviewing before a test. Content is aligned to state standards and easily searchable with our online State Standards Tool. Uniquely suited for 21st-century learning, all products are fully compatible with interactive whiteboards, learner response systems, projectors, Macs, and PCs. No downloading, installation, or special hardware is required.


Capstone Books click here:Capstone Interactive Library for access to 206 Capstone Library books to read at home

Dibels interventions provides teachers with online free reading activities and games to support reading and literacy in the primary grades.


Between the Lions PBSBetween the Lions is an award-winning PBS children's series designed to help young children learn to read. The Web site includes games and materials from the show, including a literacy curriculum aimed at children ages 4-7.

This is a fabulous TV show to TIVO, record as a series recording on your DVR cable if you have it, or record on your VCR or DVD as a travel companion or library for TV.  Pop them in if you run short on time and have quality programming in a pinch while you are cooking dinner!


Adrian - Adrian Bruce has numerous games to help development phonemic awareness.  Some of these games were presented at our Family Literacy Night in December.


A Cornucopia of New Ideas - This section of Dr. Jean's site focuses on songs and activities to reinforce the alphabet for young children. The main page has many more activities to support kindergarten student learning.


BookPALS Storyline Online - Screen Actors Guild
The Screen Actors Guild produces this site, which presents audio and video clips of actors reading favorite children's books. Related activities are also included with each story.

Welcome to abcteach - This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers. Free Printables:  5000+ free printable pages and worksheets.



Jacqueline Woodson - Books for children and young adults;  Click on the readers tab then click Teaching Books.
This is a link for students and teachers to see Jacqueline read from her work, hear her discuss her work, see the places where she works and just get to know her a little better.  From this website, it’s free and easy to get to. - This is a website that promotes reading and the love of it.  Many authors have web pages here where they share what it is like to be an author, some of the thinking they have as they write, and read aloud from the books they have written so you here the rhythm and cadence of their reading and how they visualize what they have written being read.  How absolutely fabulous is that?  Click on the book reading tab and enjoy! If you can’t access the free stuff, try going through Jacqueline Woodson’s site above.


Online Reading Skills - This website provides mini-stories with cloze exercises, speed reading exercises, and other reading passages with activities.


CNN Interactive Reading Source - Each module includes the full text of each story and interactive activities to test comprehension. The learner can choose to read the text, listen to the text, and view a short video clip of the story. Each module is designed for ease of use so the learner can use it independently.

New York Times Learning Network - This site provides students in grades 3-12 with news summaries, daily news quiz, word of the day, test prep question of the day, daily lesson plans, news snapshot, and more


     Reading Across the Curriculum

Songs for Teaching, Using Music to Promote Learning
This site contains thousands of pages for you to peruse -- many with lyrics, sound clips, and teaching suggestions. The top educational pros offer practical suggestions based on the latest in brain-based learning. Innovative teachers share their classroom pointers and extension activities using children's music. Songs from a wide variety of popular artists are presented by academic subject

A portal to 2000+ free online learning games and activities for Preschool - Grade 6 students. Readquarium, a section of Gamequarium, will help your child learn to read.  There are many games and activities to help with any content area:  math, social studies, science etc…


Give students the A-Ha! moments to last a lifetime. Gizmos: really cool, web-based math and science simulations. Free Trial.


MathSURF Family Site 
This site contains ideas and activities that will help you and your child work together at home to improve his or her math skills. On the left side of this page are lots of links to Web sites with great math games and resources.  
READING FOR MATH: This K-2 area contains stories and pictures that help reaffirm math concepts and link literacy to math concepts.  
MATH AT HOME: Looking for some activities to do at home? Try these activities planned for Grades 1 through 6.  These are fun reading and math passages to enhance your child’s performance on ‘functional passages’ on the ISAT reading test .  Test prep that is fun, go figure!


Is the premiere site to playfree typing games,lessons and testsLearning to touch type has never been easier or more fun. Best of all, it is 100% FREE. No downloads, installations or registration required.  Help your child learn to type, and they will be able to write with more fluently.  This will prepare them for classes in upper grades as well as college and work fields!  It is known that learning to write fluently in print, script, and keyboarding is beneficial to the development of fluent and capable writing!


     World Language and Spanish Links

Book Box
Choose your language in the language box, and click on free downloads of animated stories.  Stories can be downloaded to a computer, Microsoft or Apple system, or ipod.  Fun reading for your multi-lingual child! Other downloads are available for low cost if you wish to purchase.  Also, an interactive element is coming available where you can record your reading for your child to listen to!  Record when you have time, and your child can listen to you read when you don’t have time!  How neat is that? |


A portal to 2000+ free online learning games and activities for Preschool - Grade 6 students. Readquarium, a section of Gamequarium, will help your child learn to read.  There are many games and activities to help with any content area:  math, social studies, science etc…Click on the sombrero for Spanish videos.


Links for basic grammar, picture sentences, coloring pages, reading comprehension, culture, Spanish Level 1, flashcards, spelling & pronunciation, games, teaching extras, holiday/seasonal, vocabulary, and math in Spanish!


Reading is Fundamental
This site has fun interactive games for practice and even songs and stories that are read aloud.  Language practice in the Spanish language is free.  You do need to have a flash player.  There are free downloads available. Spanish Vocabulary
Greetings, numbers, colors, family members, directions, days and months, all in Spanish


Color in
Click here for fun ideas and activities you can do with your child! These will help build your child's reading skills in Spanish or English.


Children’s Book Press
Great new books for Spanish reading that you can check for age appropriateness as you visit your local library.


     Search Engines

Yahooligans ~

Ask for Kids ~

Web Search for Kids by Librarians ~

Safe Search ~


     Homework Help

Discovery School - Help with many different subjects. ~


Fact Monster - Get homework help and find facts on thousands of subjects, including sports, entertainment, geography, history, biography, education, and health. ~


Info Please - Help with various subjects and browse  almanacs, atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, and biographies.~

Homework Spot - A great place to quickly and easily find the best topical information on the Web.  Homework help organized by elementary, middle school and high school levels. ~



     Primary Websites

PBS for Kids


Game Goo - Phonics Games


     Teacher Resources

Ed Helper - lesson plans, webquests, worksheets


Best on the Web - List of great teaching websites


Annette Lamb's Site for Lifelong Learners - various teacher resources


A to Z Teacher Stuff - Thematic units


Flashcard Exchange - Flashcards for various subject areas


Awesome Library - Awesome Library organizes the Web with 30,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education. Supports various languages.


4Teachers - works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering FREE online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars.





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