Mission / CIWP Priorities

Inclusive Mission

Teachers and students are a community of learners committed to using evidence based strategies and collaborative practices to foster a respectful and safe place to learn where each student’s strengths and needs are addressed.

New Field Mission

We challenge our students to achieve their highest potential.

We teach our students to communicate their learning in a variety of ways.

We commit to being respectful, responsible and collaborative.

We develop independent, lifelong learners and socially responsible citizens.



Strategy 1: Curriculum

If we follow a standards based, effective curricula followed with fidelity across all grade levels, (RUoS, WUoS, Eureka Math, phonics, FOSS, **LLI)

…then we see collaborative planning and instruction with horizontal and vertical consistency

…which leads to 83% of students moving proficiency levels on TRC/BAS and meeting/exceeding growth metrics on NWEA.


Strategy 2: Instruction

If we follow finely honed instructional skills through the implementation of a workshop model, around a specific, achievable learning objective

…then we see a concise mini lesson with teachers explicitly modeling, conferring with students in both small groups and individually as well as differentiating for student needs

…which leads to all teachers rated as proficient or distinguished in REACH Domain component(s) 3A and 3C.
Strategy 3: Rigorous Tasks
If we believe that all students can learn and if we follow key shifts in literacy and math curricula (RUoS, WUoS, Eureka Math, TBD phonics, FOSS, LLI) and plan challenging tasks that require students to provide evidence of their reasoning

…then we see our students assume responsibility for quality work through self/peer/teacher evaluation and feedback

…which leads to 83% of students moving proficiency levels on TRC/BAS and meeting/exceeding growth metrics on NWEA .


Strategy 4: MTSS

If we develop, implement and consistently follow schoolwide systems to support ALL students

…then we see respectful, responsible and collaborative students achieving maximum academic and emotional growth

…which leads to a 40% decrease in repeated discipline referrals and 83% of students moving proficiency levels in TRC/BAS and meeting/exceeding growth metrics on NWEA