Get Technical Support

  The Process

  Explaining The Issue

If you are having any issues please:

  1. Contact the ITS Service Desk for support. You can reach them at 773-553-3925, option 9
  2. You will be asked for your CPS username and then you'll be asked to explain the issue. Please be as specific as possible when explaining your issue.

Example: Wifi connectivity issue with the iPad:

  1. Weak explanation: “My weasels can't get on the internet.
  2. Strong explanation: “10 Weasel 2s in Rm. 210 are not connecting to the WiFi. The wireless access point name is X. Their serial numbers are Y. I’ve rebooted the Weasels, but they still can't browse. I grabbed one of the Weasels and lead it to another wifi access point in the building and it still won't connect to wifi. Other Weasels can connect. Other Badgers can, too.”