Now Recruiting Parent Mentors 2023-2024

New Field Parent Volunteer Orientation SY23




Please consider joining us to:

    • Pass out food at the Healthy Student Market
    • Chaperone Field Trips
    • Read with a Student
    • Assist a teacher in a classroom with printing materials, laminating materials, and organizing
    • Assist Ms. Briggs in the office, photocopies, answering phones, data entry, filing, and award certificates.
    • Monitor the Playground  and/or the Cafeteria
    • Help in the Library by shelving books or working with students
    • Watering plants and wedding
    • Help with apparel orders and apparel distribution
    • Make stars, count them monthly and distribute them back to the classrooms
    • Help Mrs Kim (ESL) with bilingual folders. 

  • Chicago Public Schools Policy

    1. Prospective volunteers must complete the required CPS volunteer application forms and satisfy the requirements of the applicant review process.

    1. Level 1

    2. Fingerprint-background check is required for all Level 1 volunteers.
    3. parent volunteering for 10 or more hours a week.

    4. An individual providing 5 or more hours a week.

    5. Any coach, student teacher, pre service teacher.

    6. Any individual serving as a One-on-One tutor or mentor, regardless of hours/weeks that the volunteer serves.

    7. Any individual who volunteers in an unsupervised setting.


    1. Level 2

    1. A fingerprint criminal background check is NOT required for Level II volunteers.
    2. A parent providing supervised volunteers services for less than 10hours a week.

    3. An individual providing less than 5 hours a week.

    4. An individual providing volunteer service with no ongoing individualized interaction with a student(s).

    All volunteers should complete the online form at


    Póliza de Las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago

    • I. Voluntarios potenciales deben completar los formularios de solicitud de CPS voluntarios necesarios y satisfacer los requisitos del proceso de revisión del solicitante.

    • II. Nivel 1
    • Se requiere verificación de huellas para todos los voluntarios Nivel 1.

    • a. Un voluntario de los padres durante 10 o más horas a la semana.

    • d. Cualquier individuo que actúa como un tutor o mentor uno-a-uno, independientemente de las horas / semanas que el voluntario sirve.

    • e. Cualquier individuo que se ofrece en un entorno sin supervisión.

    • III. Nivel 2

    • Una huella verificación de antecedentes penales no es necesaria para los voluntarios de nivel 2.

    • a. Un padre prestación de servicios voluntarios supervisados por menos de 10 horas a la semana.

    • b. Un individuo que proporciona menos de 5 horas a la semana.

    • c. Un individuo que proporciona el servicio voluntario sin interacción individualizada en curso con un estudiante (s).

    Todos voluntarios deben completar el formulario en: